The Floating Forest - Denmark

I want to share my first magical floating experience with you, after years of wanting to give it a go. It went a little something like this: We spent the weekend in Denmark, WA camping with friends for the Easter long weekend. I noticed the Floating Forest advert in a Denmark Tourism Magazine and booked in straight away. This is an experience I have been wanting to try for a long time.

We arrived at the Floating Forest to a gentle misty rain falling and the song from the birds in the trees that surround the beautiful space.

We are introduced to the pod room and instructed to enjoy a shower then hop in the pod and enjoy an hour of weightless magic.Their brochure suggests, ‘Floating is about everything that you won’t be doing.’ There is 500 kilos of Epsom salts in the water which is kept at a comfortable 35.5 degrees. You literally float, completely weightless, completely relaxed while all your senses are switched off.

Earplugs are worn as your ears are completely submerged. Only your face is above the water line, the rest of you floats effortlessly.

I felt excited, I rushed through my shower and fumbled to get the ear plugs in, I couldn’t wait to finally submerge in the float pod. I was a little concerned the wearing of earplugs could drown out the sound of the gentle calming music that had started playing from within the pod. Once I finally settled in and slid under the water, the music seemed as though it was directly in my head. The earplugs didn’t affect the sound at all. Total bliss out started.

I felt absolute weightlessness. Heavy, incredibly grounding.The thoughts that floated in, floated out as easily as they entered. Not once did I feel claustrophobic, scared, out of control. I explored moving my arms and legs around in different positions. But ended up resting in a natural star fish position as I floated away.

It was a most wonderful experience. To feel your body completely submerged in the tank, gentle oscillating coloured lights setting the atmosphere. Calming music filled the pod and as I closed the lid, I sunk into nothingness. The music stopped after a few minutes. I could hear my heart beat soften within minutes of being submerged. Complete clarity and deep relaxation followed once I got in the swing of the flow…. Or should I say float.

As my body started to feel heavy and lifeless, I allowed my mind to wander. All kinds of magical and interesting thoughts entered my head, I switched off the light in the pod, yet I still saw calming lights wander in and out of my vision. At one stage I remember, as a strange thought entered my mind, I had started to judge the thought.

Why on earth am I thinking of this right now??!!

I became aware this very thought was all part of this intriguing journey and I knew if I gave it any more thought and energy, it could awaken me from my zen like state.

As soon as I acknowledged that I was feeling negatively a single bubble formed somewhere under my back and it had started to shift, ever so slowly and gently up my back all the way up to behind my ear. Taking my focus off my negative thoughts, back to the body, back to the breath and my energy shifted.

I drifted to a deeper conscious state and felt another bubble form under the opposite side of the body and end at the back of my opposite ear, calming the opposite side of the body as it tickled its way up.

I was drifting into a deep meditative state and I decided to invite my guides, my higher self in and I rested deeply and completely in my own heart energy. Allowing myself to feel completely self nurtured and allowing the feelings of love and adoration to wash over me, through me and within me. I completely let go of the train of my thoughts, as I rested in this water pod of stillness. I drifted off to sleep for what felt like hours.

Drifting effortlessly in the pod I allowed my mind to wander once more, this time, I came to my resting space, a space I had created in meditation years ago and I revisit often for solace and reconnection to myself when ever I feel the deep need to get in contact with myself for a check in. We (my self, my guides and my higher self) sat together on the greenest and softest grass and soaked up each others energy. It was a wonderful feeling, to reconnect with myself. long overdue in fact. I felt my physical vessel, which was sleeping in the pod, twitch and shift as I let go of all expectations and inhibitions. It was the most incredible experience.

The music started to play in my ears again and I knew the time to get out was drawing near. I started to stretch, uninhibited, weightless, gentle yet complete stretches, allowing the last bits of my body that were holding tension to settle and lengthen.

I tried to sit up to open the pod door a few times but the heaviness of my body in the water, wouldn’t allow me go. It was the most amazing feeling. Better than waking and being told to go back to sleep for a while! Or maybe it was my conscious mind stepping in and saying, not just yet, one more minute.

I managed to muster the energy to open the pod and headed for the shower. I was feeling heavy yet had a lightness to my entire body as well. I didn’t expect and intense clarity.

I sat and drank my lemongrass and ginger herbal tea that was prepared for me whilst I was showering. My mind is as clear as an empty room, my thoughts are full of inspiration, love, endless possibilities and an affirmation that keeps re-instilling itself over and over, “I am one with the universe, I am at peace, I am love.”

I think I have found my new favourite pastime.

If you ever have the chance to, I suggest you give the floating pods a go!


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