100 Conditions Bowen Therapy Can Help.

As a Bowen Therapist, one of the most common questions I get asked is: "So what CAN Bowen help with?" or "I know someone with [insert condition]... Can Bowen help with that?" My answer? A massive, resounding YES! Bowen Therapy CAN help. The only thing Bowen can't help with are broken bones and broken hearts. Anything else is fair game!

My question to people who are at the end of their tether is, have you tried Bowen Therapy yet? I could ramble on more about what Bowen Therapy IS and what it ISN'T, but here goes...

In no particular order...

1) Adhesion (tightness of muscles) 2) Ankylosing Spondylitis 3) Arthritis 4) Asthma 5) Arm Pain 6) Bursitis 7) Back pain 8) Bunion 9) Bulging Disc 10) Bed Wetting 11) Bells Palsy 12) Breastfeeding Difficulties 13) Carpal Tunnel 14) Circulation problems 15) Concentration Difficulties 16) Constipation 17) Colic 18) Chronic Fatigue 19) Coccyx pain 20) Cancer 21) Persistent Cough 22) Cramps 23) Chronic pain 24) Depression 25) Digestive Complaints 26) Dizziness 27) Elbow Pain 28) Epilepsy 29) Fainting 30) Falls 31) Fibromyalgia 32) Fertility 33) Frozen Shoulder 34) Flat Feet 35) Flat head (infants) 36) Foot pain 37) Gallstones 38) Ganglion 39) Gout 40) Growing Pains 41) Herniated Disc 42) Headache 43) Hammer Toe 44) Hamstring Injury 45) Heart Burn 46) Heavy Periods 47) Hernia 48) Hip Pain 49) Insomnia 50) Infertility 51) Injury or Falls 52) Incontinence 53) Jaw Pain 54) Joint Pain 55) Knee Pain 56) Kyphosis 57) Lumbago 58) Learning Disabilities 59) Lock Jaw 60) Lumbar Pain 61) Lupus 62) Mastitis 63) Menopause Symptoms 64) Meniere's Disease 65) Migraine 66) Miscarraige 67) Multiple Sclerosis 68) Muscular Dystrophy 69) Neck Complaints 70) Neuralgia 71) Night Terrors 72) Nocturnal Enuresis 73) Oedema 74) Osteoporosis 75) Post Operative Care 76) Post Polio 77) Pregnancy 78) Parkinsons 79) Pelvic Pain 80) Pelvic Organ Prolapse 81) Reflux 82) RSI 83) Rheumatoid Arthritis 84) Restless Leg Syndrome 85) Sciatica 86) Shoulder Pain 87) Sprains 88) Slipped Disc 89) Stroke 90) Scoliosis 91) Shin Splints 92) Sinusitis 93) Talipes 94) Teething 95) Thyroid Conditions 96) Tinnitus 97) Vertigo 98) Whiplash 99) Wry neck 100) Wrist pain Did any of those Health Conditions resonate with you as you scoured the list?

Were you reading thinking

"Oh look Bowen can help Uncle John with his sciatica..." "My sister would benefit from Bowen Therapy for her pregnancy related symptoms..." "Wow, there is help for little Emily's colic..." There are hundreds more Health Conditions that respond positively to Bowen Therapy, this however is a list that I have personally seen benefit from Bowen Treatment. I do hope this list makes its way to your family members, colleagues, gym classes, friends, ANYONE who is suffering and is looking for lasting relief that is gentle, effective and safe!

Feel free to pass on the list above, or make contact and ask me any burning questions you may have. I am passionate about what I do. Bowen Therapy has helped me and my body on many occasions and now I share my love and knowledge of Bowen Therapy, so you too can benefit from the magic it has to offer! Have You Tried Bowen Therapy Yet?? Yours in Health and Healing Amber x


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